Corrie van Vliet Log Book

 Flying Log Book:  

van Vliet, Maj. Cornelius Arthur "Corrie" DFC, MiD

Operational service: 

11 Sqn. East Africa 1940-1941

1 Sqn. North Africa 1941-1942

7 Sqn. North Africa/ ME 1943

4 Sqn. Italy 1943-1944

Credit for this copy: Thanks to Chris Teale/ Elize Grobbelaar of SAAF museum Ysterplaat 2012

Commander Signatures:

Maj. Preller, OC 11 Sqn

Capt de Wet, Flight commander 11 sqn

Maj Irvine, OC 11 Sqn

Capt EJ Kelly, flight commander 11 sqn

Capt JPL Britz, flight commander 11 sqn

Capt PJ Robbertse, flight commander 1 sqn\

Maj. Malcolm "Benny" Osler, OC 1 sqn



First Tour:  11 Squadron, East Africa 1940-1941 


Second  Tour: 1 Squadron, North Africa 1941-1942


Third Tour: 7 and 4  Squadrons, Middle East/ Italy 1943-1944 

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